Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spot Spotter, the U.V.Urine Detector, Arrives in Mail

It claims to "reveal hidden urine spots". It works on any surface-carpet, upholstery, tile, sheet rock- anything, My house smells very very badly, and it's because I can't find always where the cats pee. Also, it is because at least two of my cats pee everywhere. But this thing claims it will " illuminate urine undetectable to the human eye."

I am hoping it will improve the quality of our life, by helping me with my hours and hours and HOURS of cat pee cleaning. Also, I took Jake to the vet. I got a prescription for some cat anti-depressant. But my vet was not hopeful. He said, you can medicate a compulsive person and it might help a bit, but they'll always be compulsive. Or something like that. And then he said, you can also hire a behavioral specialist to come to your house. Hmmm. He said, like, for a grand. Good lord.

The fight against cat pee continues.

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