Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I found the hidden cat pee downstairs

Yesterday, I smelled new pee and it was very strong smelling. Today, a new babysitter is coming so I did some serious pee searching. They was a bunch of pee next to the piano, where we had some extra shelves stacked on the ground. Lots of stinky pee there. I guess they've been at that place for a while. So I sprayed "Nature's Miracle" all over it. Also, I am washing the curtains in the dining room as we speak. Man, they stunk. And I removed the fireplace grill and set it in the backyard. It was stained orangy with tons of cat pee.

Lord help me. I also mopped - smells like mop soap a bit. AND I lit two very strong smelling candles- one is called Tocca. Nice. And I have the fan going in the kitchen- keeps the air circulating.


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